Port Dickson Trip

Date: 15 - 17 November 2012
Venue: PNB Ilham Resort
Purpose: Vacation

Eat chicken wings at "Cowboy Restaurant" Port Dickson.

Playing uno while waiting for other friends cook for us. Hehe

The pool.


Sightseeing. Walking along the beach. and found a died crab.

Sunset and seaside.

The resort. A view during night time.

Barbeque. A hut and barbeque sets were prepared by the resort except raw materials.

The last day sightseeing..

There is kayak too!

Move! move!

Yeah. We are kayaking..
The wind was so strong. We headed back to the resort and pack things. Another journey to go...

It was a great vacation. With no/low phone coverage so we enjoyed our vacation without receiving any phone calls from the company. Haha!

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