Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012

Date: 18 November 2012
Venue: Penang Bridge, Penang
Flag off: 6:30 a.m.
Category: 10km women open.

The journey begins. From southern to northern.

Almost there..

On the bridge.

Getting dark. 4 hours drive from Subang Jaya.

On the bridge.

Night. Full of lights. View from my apartment. Not far from the bridge.

Pasembur. Penang's pronounced it as "pasemboq"

Beef soup and bread. The second dish because I'm really hungry. Yes, I'm hungry most of the time :pi
This place is called Padang Brown. Place where you can have a good food for your mouth ;)

Looking for the starting point. It is nearby the Seagate/Eastin Hotel.

I'm not a fast runner and don't have much stamina to stop on the bridge and take some pictures like other participants. Hoho. Finish point was at Queensbay.

The crowds. Water.. Water.. People are thirsty.
I que in the wrong lane which end up we need to pay for the water. Urgh. Wasting my time and energy. Don't mind to pay but the point is, I don't bring any money! Sigh.

Dare to dream? Haha.

Tired! I'm here but need to walk on the flyover to get back to the car. I almost get lost since I forgot where the car was parked and realized that it was at the end of the flyover. Huh.

Time to fulfill the stomach's alert.
My friend's mee udang. It is at Taman Tun Sardon. It looks like a famous place with delicious food. Most of the runners was eating here. I'm not eating anything *rugi* because I already had 2 bowls of cereals, 3 glass of 100plus and 4 glass of Milo at the finished point.

Not changing yet. Still with the running vase and have a sightseeing. This place is Marina Bay. We have a chitchat, share the experiences during the run and...

Do the shopping! We go to Overrun Factory Outlets (OFO). This place got a lot of branded clothes, for men, women, boys, girls and babies. Cheap - I think with a lot of discounts especially on second items.

Oh I'm sorry. Done already. Too hungry and really delicious till forgot to have some pict on it. It is at Original Kayu Nasi Kandar. Opposite to the Vistana Hotel.

Sunset. Heading back to Subang Jaya with a really really really bad traffic. It tooks 6 hours driving!! Reached USJ at 1 a.m. And still have to go work for next day :(

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