Toyota Amazing Trails 2011

3 Dec 2011, UMW Toyota was sponsoring an event called Amazing Trails of the Thril Seekers 2011. this event is opened to all Toyota owner. it started since early of Nov11 where the participant should form a team or 3 or 4, doesn't matter whether the team member is a Toyota  owner or not. not all registered team would be accepted to join the event until we collect as many cheers as we could. even though we just get 5 cheers, we did manage to be in top 30 and participate the event on 3rd Dec 2011.
the event begins at Bazar Putrajaya. the team must select 1 person, and that person should wear creatively with the cloth buy at the Bazar. each team provided with RM100 to spend.

luqman with hat, shirt and selendang(?)

not only spend and pictures, but we should get cheers from friens at facebook too! this is the time where we call everyone early in the morning to help us, and the vote open only for 30minutes! sigh...

going to the next station which is more interesting -wall climbing. this is the very first time for us to climb a wall. i got sprained  right leg but it doesn't stop me to participate. hehe.. in this station, we are given 15 minutes to climb as many times as we can. there are 3 levels on the wall, of course each levels hold different scores. thought about winning? imposible..

going to last station, the best experience that i ever had - go kart!!!!!!!!!! BROOM BROOM BROOM~  yeah our 1st time experience too. at this station also have a picture together and cheers from friends are needed.  i don't care about that. what i want is only race it. yeah. got a lot of black spot on white shirt and face too when the water pools after rain. don't know how to express the enjoyable moments but i do really enjoy it!

we heading back to UMW Toyota  HQ at Shah Alam for the closing ceremony and lunch. my stomach full of very delicious and tasty cheese cake and mango pudding... slurppp.... should tapao some of it to home. hehe..

that all i hace. even though not winning any of it, but i realy enjoy everything. going back at 3pm, with a very heavy head. this is the moment where the fever started....... huhhuhuhuhu...


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