Assalamualaikum my dear readers

she: Huda, please take note that bla bla bla bla bla. bla bla........
me: (nodding) oke. sure. yes.

The "bla bla" conversation above is the example when I speak English. It was between me and a person who not speak Malay. the situation is she gave me some orders or maybe informations that I need to tell my underlings. that time, I only understand what she say for the first 3 seconds, then I got lost. I know what was she talking about, what are the things that she want me to know and deliver, but not in details and not very clear. i'm just guessing, actually - according to the certain words that i could catch. the reason why I don't understand, maybe because of her slang (she is not Malaysian), too fast for me, or maybe it's because my brain is too slow to translate the data in ^_^  I think she realized that I was not paying full attention to her when I just nodded my head and my face did not give the confident feedback. (data out is not as expected. ^.^) oh, pity her. if i gave others the wrong information, I'm a dead girl.

back then, I always want to talk fluent in English. seriously, I really feel jealous when peoples surrounding me speak in English like they were born and understand the language. I think it started when I started be friend with Mardotti, Dee Dee and Yusma. I adore them. sometimes they encourage and help me to speak and improve my English, understand the complicated words and etc. thank you friends for waking me up and now I realize that it is really important to conquer it. I regret for not learning it seriously during schools.

if I read books/magazines/papers that written in English, I ignore any words that look complicated/new for me or any words that I don't know the meaning and guess the storyline. honestly, I'm poor when it goes to vocabulary. grammar? you can see it through my writing. I don't like to open the dictionary. lazy. yes, this habit continue till now and thats why the above conversation happened. in a group, if people laughing for jokes, the only thing that I can do is smile. I didn't got joke. I want to laugh too. sigh. if people lie to me, urghhh~ can't imagine. please, I don't want to let it happen.

okay. I wanna stop here. you'll get bored if I continue writing-nothing. Huda, you can do it! thank you for reading. hoo-roo!! bubbye~ Assalamualaikum.

ops sorry guys. before you leave, enjoy this funny video! daaa (^_^)v

p/s: anybody understand what are they talking about? hehehehe~


chybee said...

xpe huda. actually my english pon teruk jugak. but then bila dtg sini and dgr diorg ckp english, trust me, most malaysians could speak better. just try. practise make perfect. german language lagi ssh. seb baik 2nd language kt msia english :)

HUDA said...

really? but i read your writings really well~ okay! I'll try n practice more. tenkiu ;)

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