today I'm fasting, again. hehe. that is not the point actually. exactly at 7pm, i went downstairs. a good smells of mee goreng basah cooked by the best chef in the world; my mother flying before my nose. there is a lychee's drink flavor on the table. i bancuh a glass of Orange Sunquick, mix it up with the canned lychee's fruit. when Azan started berkumandang, I looked at my plate. there are a lot of (of course mee) ayam, sotong, fresh vegetables, tahu, and every flavor mixed together very happening and peacefully. and the most important thing is; it less cholesterol. how would i know? because it is not oily, not too salt and of course i know the cooker. she always read Selawat or Bimillah before do cook. then, i started thanking God that i am very lucky because I am living with my parents. i can imagine, the food that I was eating just now, cannot be found at any kedai mamak out there. can i stay here forever? can lah. hahahaha

Ibu, tak habes.
isk ko ni teruk betul perangai. habiskan! habiskan! dah tau tu ambik la sikit2..

buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... huhu. my fault.

OMG! Huda, you need to improve your vocab and grammar! read and write a lot okayh!

huwarrrgh! dung!

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