Amazing Trails of the Thrill Seekers 2012

Amazing Trails of the Thrill Seekers 2012
Venue: Selangor
Date: 3 November 2012
Organizer / sponsored by: Tribe Toyota

On 3rd Oct 2012, i got an email from Tribe Toyota Team inviting me for a participation on Toyota Thrill Seekers 2012. This year is different from the previous years which is they have 2 types of game (twice the fun!); online game and on-ground event. The main elements of the games are SPEED, BALANCE, MENTAL and STAMINA.

the categories

I didn't wait any longer and form a tribe of 4 and play the online game. For the online game, there are 3 times of trials and of course we need to get the highest marks to win. i don't have much knowledge on the helicopter and parachute so I didn't win :(

Move on 3rd November, the main event that i awaits for - the on-ground event! early in the morning at 7:15am we gathered at UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd Head Office, have our mission kit and breakfast. As usual I was late and my team members did't get their meal properly. (I'm sorry!)

We have a briefing for the event. total participators are 27 tribes and we divided into 4 groups to move on 4 different places as per the event categories. For each challenges, only 2 persons from each team can play, while other 2 will go for code hunt.

The participants

lets rock and roll!!

We are in group no 1 team 8. first mission is Speed, the challenge is ATV Challenge at ATV Ezzyride, Jalan Kampung Lombong, Shah Alam.

My team members - strategies.. strategies..

Neng (with helmet) -  before her turn
a guy who ride an ATV without brake. almost got near miss =.='
The Speed warriors!
The code hunters
makan (again) time

Second challenge was the Balance. we moved to SkyTrex Adventure Park, Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam. 

The Balance warriors!

The challenge is to bring 300ml of rice during the course. We have to climb the leader of 17m, walk on a piece of board, flying fox, walk on the hanging pipes, flying fox again and some other extremely interesting experience that I ever had. phew. Alhamdulillah thanks Allah that the weather was nice so that we could play those games!

this is high! my hands tired in the middle of the climb. 45 sec for me 

the most scary point. feel like peeing..

we can run here..

where the time taken for the challenge

The third challenge, we have to move to new UMW Toyota Motor Body & Paint Center at Klang, Selangor. we decided to solve 6 puzzles as we could get half of time as the bonus. 

asking a question..

last challenge, break the ice to retrieve 5 chips at Snowalk, i-City, Shah Alam. The ice cube is about 5 inch thick i guess and we just provided with a small hammer (they call it big hammer. sigh) to break it out with a hungry stomach and very cool environment! phew. my thumb getting bigger after that.

the code hunters

Now it comes to fill our stomach with something good and get to know who wins the challenges! we heading back to Head Office and..

..where the fat came from.. like a girl starving for a week..

Fried rice, mushroom spaghetti, lamb, broccoli, sambal sotong, fried chicken - all-in-a-plate

mushroom soup, desserts, cucumber juice

And... here we go~~~

the winner for SPEED CATEGORY is us! AWESOME!!!!

feel like we win the new Toyota Prius C car!

Whatever the challenge provided, we finished it great! We having not just a lot of fun together but is was a great experience that we never had before. And the best part is - they all F.O.C.! wow~ be a Toyota owner and you'll get this opportunity. haha!

click here for more picture and news. See you next year!!! Thank you Toyota!


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