kau peduli apa

bila horoskop aku berbunyi begini:

If anyone knows how to read others, it's you. Your sign's reputation for being the very best mediator, negotiator and peacemaker didn't come about by accident. You're proud of it, and you're good at it. That talent will come in handy today, especially at work, where you might expect some fireworks. The drama won't be anything you can't handle, of course, and afterward you'll be more than proud.

peh, tak sangke. bakat terpendam aku ni. hahahahaha! aku suka baca bende2 yang tak nampak kesahihannya ni. tak tau la bende semacam ni tilik nasib kah. halal kah. tapi aku baca kalau terkena aku suka. kalau tak kena, ala, dia hentam je tu.

cuba baca lagi satu

Pushing harder will get you nowhere. Right now, you need to let things linger. It's one of those times when you can't expect your schedules to work out -- things are conspiring against your orderly ways! You may find some serendipity in your little accidents, though!

bahaya..bahaya..jangan percaya..

nak tido, otak dah letih, tapi mata takleh pejam. esok punya horoskop:
Lots of calls, emails and unexpected visits will keep you busy at work today, but you won't mind it a bit. The more unexpected they are, in fact, the better you'll enjoy them -- and the people you come into contact with will be in a fine mood, too. A little bit of their moods will rub off, putting you in an even better frame of mind. Don't go to bed too earlier. Spread it around. It's only fair!

biarla. aku suka tido.

2 COMMENT on "kau peduli apa"

Sekeping Hati on October 29, 2009 at 12:16 AM said...

ish3.. Ya Allah, Ya Tuhanku.. tolonglah hambamu ini. Berilah kesihatan pada hambamu ini.. dalam membaca entry ini. Rasa ingin muntah pun ada.. Semoga hambamu ini sihat-sihat sahaja, walaupun membaca entry yang mengelikan anak tekak hambamu ini.. Amin

Huda on October 29, 2009 at 1:01 AM said...

eleh, admit je la kalau ko rase ianya tepat sekali mengenai aku. hahahahaha. Amin


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