hikmah sabar

here, i wanna share something with you my dear readers. it is about a novel.
surprise? why am I promoting a LOVE NOVEL STORY?

the answer is: the author is one of my best friend, who is still studying at UTM. more, she is older a year than me and we always use "aku-kau", "oi", "bongek" as to replace our name. this is her first novel published. she also loves to write poem especially to express her feeling(?) or just imagine that she is expressing others feeling(?). ah, leave the question mark to herself. also, she likes to write a short story. in Malay which we call it cerpen (sorry that i don't know what they call it in English). if you are feeling curious and wanna know more about the story above, you are invited and don't be hesitate to click this link: Rindu Akan Memanggilmu. also, you can get this novel from any bookstore! (only when the novel is published soon. hehe)

p/s: if you found any English error here, feel free to correct it oke. i am really appreciate it~

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Sekeping Hati on October 3, 2009 at 12:17 AM said...

huda.. tak kire.. aku nk gelak gak.. nk gelak.. nk gelak.. wah.. pe hal tibe2 ko berbahasa english? ni sbb aku ckp ko tak paham bahasa melayu ni? hahaha.. ngek ngek.. huhuhu.. tu aku panggil ko huda tu.. hahahah.. huda.. huda.. huda

Huda on October 3, 2009 at 7:20 AM said...

wek wek wekkk :22 :13 biarlahhhh :17


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